Drive growth and defend market share with ads

Efficiently reach thousands of wholesale cannabis companies who are actively buying and selling on the LeafLink Marketplace – in up to 30 states.

Keep your brand top of mind – and on store shelves

Save yourself a few trips to the dispensary with a strategic advertising campaign on LeafLink. Use ads as an extension of your field team to introduce new product lines and build bigger baskets. You can target ad campaigns by seller or buyer license, state, and page in the LeafLink Marketplace to nudge prospects through your funnel. Ads lifted weekly order values by 88% in 2023.

  • Feature your brand

    Showcase your brand at the top of the list on the Shop Brands page, and show up first in search results. More than 60% of orders on LeafLink start with a search. Is your brand discoverable?
  • Email purchasing managers

    Deplete inventory with urgent, time-sensitive offers. Send targeted email blasts to purchasing managers in your states.
  • Our display ads are shoppable

    Create brand and product awareness with visual display ads throughout the LeafLink Marketplace. Use these to hype up new products and drive traffic to your LeafLink menu – where orders can be placed 24/7/365.
  • Boost products in all your markets

    Showcase your products at the top of search results, and other pages in LeafLink. Introduce new products to your expansion markets or retarget existing customers in your home state who are adding to cart – right now.

Reach new and loyal buyers now

When you advertise on LeafLink, you reach an audience that is 100% licensed and verified. Clicking on an ad takes a viewer to your menu, where they can learn about your products – and place purchase orders – any time of day. Each ad campaign comes with Advertising Insights, so you can optimize conversion rates with fresh, daily data. Need to drive growth faster?