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Bill pay made easy

Simplify accounts payable with three convenient digital options: pay now, pay later, or pay on sell-through.

Introducing Payment on Sell-Through (PoST)

Reduce upfront inventory costs and optimize your purchasing strategy for better sales and more working capital.

Smarter purchasing, more cash on hand

LeafLink’s Payment on Sell-Through (PoST) is the first program of its kind in cannabis, allowing retailers to conserve cash by only paying for inventory that has sold through to the end consumer.

How it works

When a PoST order ships, we’ll immediately begin tracking changes to your inventory via your seed-to-sale system. Each week we’ll calculate the total value of inventory sold for the previous week, and initiate an automatic payment directly from your bank account to theirs. You can track product performance and upcoming payments in your LeafLink dashboard at any time.

What it means for you

  • Improved cash flow
    Free up working capital to invest in other areas of the business instead of tying it up in inventory
  • Reduced risk
    Mitigate risk associated with trying new brands and SKUs—if it doesn’t sell, no problem
  • Automated payments
    Automate reconciliation and accounts payable processes, freeing up time for your finance team
  • More savings
    Earn cash back on every payment you send

  • Secure, trackable payments

    Cash deliveries and mailed checks are hard to track and vulnerable to theft or fraud, putting your entire bottom line at risk. Instead, send secure payments through LeafLink and you’ll never have to worry about where your money is.

  • Save time and close your books faster

    Getting paid outside LeafLink means spending hours reconciling your bank statement with your LeafLink order history. Use LeafLink payments to track your orders, manage invoices and make payments, all in one place, and eliminate the time-consuming tasks for good. Digital payments arrive in just a few days, so your books are never in limbo.

  • Free and low-cost payment options

    Cash and check payments can be expensive, and the banks that offer digital payments will often charge cannabis customers significantly higher fees. Choose to pay now with Direct Pay, pay later with Flex Pay, or via a consignment model with Pay on Sell-Through.

  • Risk-free procurement

    Say goodbye to taking on huge upfront inventory investments that tie up all your working capital. Conserve cash and optimize inventory management by only paying for product when it actually sells with Payment on Sell-Through (PoST).

Happy Days Dispensary Logo
“LeafLink Direct Pay is a breeze to use. It’s secure, easy, and payments are attached to the invoice right in the platform. This makes tracking and reconciling deliveries and payments much faster. We’d love to see more New York brands get on board so we can manage our transactions all in one place.”

Paul Lepore
President, Happy Days Dispensary
Farmingdale (Long Island), NY

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