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Flexible payments for LeafLink orders

Streamline Your Payments

LeafLink’s fully compliant financial solution makes it possible for brands and retailers to streamline electronic payments for orders through the marketplace.

Flexible Payments for brands and distributors

Improve customer relationships and increase your cash flow.

  • Free up resources spent on chasing late payments
  • Minimize the risk of cash operations
  • Reconcile invoices digitally via LeafLink
  • Expand your customer base
  • Assign your own credit terms to customers
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leaflink financial for brands

Flexible Payments for retailers

Free up your cash flow and have a constant supply of goods.

  • Net payment terms for select invoices
  • Centralized and secure accounts payable
  • Easy invoice reconciliations
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leaflink Financial for retailers

What clients are saying

"LeafLink has been instrumental in streamlining payment to our dispensary partners. From helping save on labor and handling fees related to cash payments, to minimizing the time it takes to receive payment, LeafLink provides a unique solution for improving overall cash flow for cannabis businesses. We highly encourage all of our peers in the industry to follow suit!"

leaflink financial testimonial colorado

Cooper Gillespie

Director of Sales and Marketing, Summit Concentrates

"LeafLink is such a luxury! The team's professionalism and eagerness to help is unparalleled. Having the ability to utilize funds in our bank account to pay vendors is an absolute game changer - not to mention they extend 30 day net terms when the industry standard is widely 14 days. There are too many positives to list."

leaflink financial testimonial california

Sahak Ghagian

Owner, California Caregivers Alliance & Dank Depot

"LeafLink’s payments experience has been a tremendous option for 3Fifteen Cannabis. With the expedited growth we have experienced, LeafLink has given us the opportunity to strategically plan our purchasing, giving us a clear picture of cash flow. Without LeafLink, we'd still be scrambling to find traditional banking and credit options that are difficult to use, if not non-existent."

leaflink financial testimonial michigan

Andrew Thompson

Director of Finance, Three Fifteen